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Preparation for Higher Level (adjusted)
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  If you finish high school and want access to higher music (Esmuc, High school, ESEM, Jam Session …), First tests needed access, they are only suitable for very demanding and well prepared students. In Barcelona we Fusion … Read More

imagine – Summer camp for children -July 2018
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July Imagine Space 2018 Summer camp for children Hello! This summer we offer a summer camp for children, with music, crafts, games, songs, and much more! Aimed at children 3 a 7 years, will … Read More

Ludo musical space-July 2018
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Ludo musical space-July 2018 Casal summer music Hello! This summer we offer a musical summer house, with music, crafts, games, computer music, and much more! Aimed at children 8 a 16 years, who want to learn to sing … Read More

July Musical Theater 2018
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July Musical Theater 2018 Hello! This summer, do not miss the house of musical theater in our school! with ever, Sea and Raul will be super fun activities around the most famous Broadway musicals: some examples: Grease, … Read More

Intel·musical intelligence
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INTEL·Musical intelligence all started when Howard Gardner, un destacat psicòleg nord-americà, professor de Harvard, va qüestionar el concepte tradicional d’intel·Intelligence and raised a model that explains the human mind from the point of view of … Read More

The ear training
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The ear training is one of the most important aspects of music education. Having a properly trained ear can sharpen when we sing notes, when we play an instrument, such as the violin, and helps us to recognize and memorize melodies … Read More

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